About the Event

About The Event

Brought to you by BC Housing, in partnership with BCNPHA (BC Non-Profit Housing Association), Tech Pockets is a series of training events where Housing Providers in BC can attend free seminars on various areas of technology.

Our Goal

The goal of these events is to empower organizations in their use of technology, whether through better understanding of systems they already use, or through obtaining knowledge on how to address gaps in their own organization's IT posture.

We have scheduled the seminars throughout the year to better address the needs of the sector. We know it can be difficult to schedule training, particularly for frontline staff, since day to day operations must always continue.

By spreading out the events through the year, we hope to address this difficulty so everyone is able to attend.

Our main purpose is to educate and collaborate!

Who we are

These events are organized by BC Housing's Housing Provider Technology Support Program: a team dedicated to assisting our housing partners with their IT needs and challenges through training, consulting services, cyber incident response, and much more!

To learn more about what we do (and how we can help), please visit our website: HPTechBC.ca

How do I register?

Go to Event Schedule OR to the Topic page

Choose the session you want to attend

Click "Register here"

Submit your registration

You'll receive an email with the Session Link

Join on the day!

Who can attend?

The Cyber Security Awareness and Privacy training sessions are open to any Housing Providers (non-profit and co-op) in British Columbia! No partnership with BC Housing required.

The HIFIS Refresher sessions are restricted to BC Housing partners, as this application is specific to our partners.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How much does it cost to attend?

All sessions and training are free for any Housing Providers (including shelters and outreach) in British Columbia!

Just pick the sessions you want to attend, complete the registration and you are ready to go!

  • What happens if I can't attend a session I registered for?

Not a problem! You can cancel your registration at any time. Simply open the calendar invite for the session and select "Cancel Registration".

  • Will the sessions be recorded?

To protect the confidentiality and privacy of all attendees, the sessions will not be recorded.

Whenever possible, we will have multiple occurrences of the same training to accommodate for everyone's work schedules.

If you can't attend a session due to a scheduling conflict, don't worry! You can register for the same training occurring on a different date & time.

  • I registered and received the confirmation email. How do I add this to my calendar?

We strongly recommend adding the events you register for to your calendar for easy access!

For step-by-step instructions on how to add it to your calendar, use this guide sheet:

  • Can I forward the session invite to a friend?

Unfortunately not. If you know someone who also works at a housing provider in BC, they are more than welcome to register themselves to the training! However, if they do not work in the sector, they will not be able to join.

  • Why do some sessions say "Restricted"?

The training sessions for HIFIS Refresher are restricted because the platform only applies to organizations that are BC Housing Partners and are currently using this system. For organizations who do not meet that criteria, those sessions would not be applicable (or useful).

If your organization is not a part of the HIFIS program, you are still able to register & attend any of the other training - Privacy and Cyber Security!

  • Where will the sessions take place?

The event is fully virtual, meaning all sessions will take place online via Microsoft Teams Webinar.

  • I've never used Microsoft Teams before. How do I join the session I've registered for?

No problem! Microsoft Teams is easy to use and no software installation is required to join:

  1. Click the Join Event link from the confirmation email
  2. A webpage will open asking "How do you want to join?"
  3. Select "Continue on this browser"
  4. Enter your name and click Join

That's it! You'll be directed into the session.

  • I can't find the link to attend the session I registered for! What should I do?

Not a problem! The confirmation email should still be in your inbox, you can find it by searching for the session name.

If you cannot find the confirmation email anywhere, please email Renata Noro at rnoro@bchousing.org and she will confirm your registration and send you the link in a new email.

Have a question not listed here? Contact us at hptechbc@bchousing.org

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Cyber Security Training

HIFIS Refresher Training

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